I'm a NYC based Fashion Wardrobe Stylist and Image Consultant. This blog will consist of Imagery & Videos that reflect my <3 for Haute Couture, Vintage, Street Style and Runway. In addition to Editorials,Upcoming Fashion Trends, DIY Ideas, and New Models in the Fashion Industry from all around the globe.I also have a slight obsession with Male Fashion. + On occasion I will also post images of my work (Under the lookbook tab)! Motto: I don't wear trends, I create them ! `Eye for art `Hunger for Fashion `Inspired by beauty `I like my photography just like I like my vision - RAW & UNCUT `My Creative Mind has no limitations `I play Dress Up At Night so by day I can dress your favorite stars *Welcome to The Peekhole Inside My World* {I Do NOT Own or Claim Any rights to any Images unless clearly expressed so} >ENJOY X ______________________Me (Fashion-Fornication) .Define Fashion: The style characteristic of the social elite .Define Fornication: Voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other hit counter
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